As a data-based e-commerce platform provider, we always regard information security as the foundation of the Company. We have been developing cybersecurity technology and practices to safeguard our e-commerce platform and value-added services including supply chain financial services, business intelligence services, logistics and warehousing services. MOLBASE has obtained ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification. We carry out the following four protection measures:

Information security protection measures

Emergency management system

  • To formulate the Cybersecurity Emergency Response Plan and develop SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) for security incidents of different security levels and types.

Operational support and recovery plan

  • The cloud host is leased with at least two power resources, and the data is stored on multiple servers. 
  • The database is strictly set up with a main library and an auxiliary library and backed up through hot and fixed standby. 
  • The software fault is automatically alarmed, together with human manual monitoring.

Prevention of cyber-attacks and privacy data leaks

  • To be equipped with an effective firewall to identify dubious peak access traffic and focus on prevent users over the wall.
  • To use distributed defense, department linkage query, etc. to effectively prevent DDOS, XSS, CSRF and other attacks.
  • To set strict data acquisition permissions for internal employees and periodically verify permissions.

Information security training and assessment

  • To conduct regular internal and external training for both new and experienced employees. Training content includes internet access, office security, phishing attacks identification, etc.

Moreover, we also protect user privacy by clearly explaining to users in layman’s terms, how their data is being collected and internally used.

We protect our Research and Development (R&D) efforts including information security protection by patent applications. MOLBASE has obtained 4 patents (13 under application) and 123 registered computer software copyrights, together with 132 registered trademarks.



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