Community Investment

MOLBASE works with the local communities in a series of activities that contribute to community development and ESG awareness. We have made numerous investments in poverty relief and improving environmental protection awareness. We maintain support for environmental public welfare organizations for years and have carried out activities such as Heart-to-heart Connection: MOLBASE Love Transmission.

“Heart-to-heart Connection: MOLBASE Love Transmission”

In 2019, we launched Love Miles event, which encouraged our employees to record their daily walking steps in mobile apps and later converted the accumulated mileage into a certain percentage for donation, to aid children living in remote mountainous areas.

Heart-to-heart Connection: MOLBASE Love Transmission


Supporting China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN)

CYCAN, registered as a Chinese NGO, was the first non-profit environmental organization in China to focus on empowering China’s youth to take actions and provide a voice for university students and young people to advocate for fighting climate change. MOLBASE participated in the organization's early preparation and actively promoted the organization's activities. CYCAN has now engaged more than 500 Chinese universities and hundreds of thousands of Chinese youth to take actions to combat and raise awareness about climate change and to carry these efforts into their future careers. In April 2019, under the main push of MOLBASE, CYCAN made clear that the future development direction will always take “Chinese youth talent training on climate issues” as the core goal.

Supporting China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN)


Supporting the Establishment of Impact Hub Shanghai

The environmental protection and sustainable development are the inherent pursuits for MOLBASE. MOLBASE has started to support the creation of Impact Hub Shanghai since 2016. Impact Hub Shanghai is the first Impact Hub in mainland China, linked by the Impact Hub global network of more than 100 countries and more than 100 cities, together with sustainable companies, governments and charitable partners, to promote new formats for sustainable development. Through nearly 200 community events, Impact Hub Shanghai has shared the world's leading sustainability initiatives to nearly 200,000 Chinese public and innovation actors to promote awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); It also inspired innovative actors with more than 100 solutions by providing business innovative training.


Providing guidance for Hackathon 2019

Hackathon 2019 (the 2nd young talents’ chemical innovation challenge) kicked off at the end of May 2019 with the theme of New Plastics Economy, which requires participants to explore innovation in environmental protecting products in addition to processes and models, so as to find new ideas for solving environmental issues related to “white pollution” and “marine plastic pollution.” Its vision of environmental protection coincides with the pursuit of MOLBASE. As one of the invited companies, MOLBASE offered guidance on practical business for all participating teams, hoping to promote further environmental protection through joint efforts.

Providing guidance for Hackathon 2019

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