Human Capital

MOLBASE values the irreplaceable value of our employees and strives to build a united and diverse team. We select outstanding talent through external campuses and experienced recruiting, as well as internal competitions. We insist on giving fair opportunities to our employees and are vehemently against forced labor. As of December 31, 2019, MOLBASE had a total of 482 employees, and the employees were divided as follows:

We have formulated an Employee Handbook to further standardize labor practices and protect labor rights. All employees are entitled to five social insurances, one housing provident fund and statutory holidays in accordance with national regulations. We also unify annual physical examinations for our employees to ensure their health.

MOLBASE has developed a sound training system for employees so as to improve their comprehensive abilities and value to all stakeholders. For newcomers, a one-month training will be provided in the headquarter which helps them to enhance their cognition of our operation and culture. Training schedules are made at the beginning of each year and include training methods, assessment methods and lecturer selections. We also added a scoring system and a sharing mechanism to conduct further knowledge transfer. In 2019, the training covered 294 person-times, with a total duration of 1,662 hours.

In 2019, we reviewed and upgraded the Career Ranking System, which detailed our promotion methodology and assessment system. Within the system, employee sequence is divided into four categories: advanced management, sales, functions, and R&D. It also clarifies the assessment method of post promotion for our employees to gain better understanding of their career path.

In order to create an interesting and comfortable working environment, we keep high frequency communication with our employees and regularly invite co-founders/partners for knowledge sharing. We also publish monthly newsletter for corporate branding and a way to update employees. In 2019, we invited our employees and their relatives to join Children's Day Corporate Culture Event. We also organized special events for our female employees on Women’s Day.

children's day and women's day
       Children's Day Corporate Event                                                                  Women's Day Party

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